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This time, I went to ``Kushi'' in Minamisatsumabozu-cho, and Mr. Taimaru took care of me.

I drove the boat to the right from the port, and the rapid I arrived at is ``Ose.'' It is a first class rapid where the tide flows well and you can aim for a good long-tailed fish!
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This will be the first fishing trip of the new year.
I gathered my spirits and decided to go to a hard rocky shore for the first time in about 10 years. It took about 50 minutes to arrive at the fishing spot, with a break in between.

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The first fishing trip of 2024 was Ozumo in Oseto, Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and the point where we crossed the reef was Anamae.The blend materials used on this day were 3.1 kg of G-Max, Advanced Gray, Conquering Gray, and 3 sheets of 2 kg of Krill.
We offered sacred sake to the sea that has served us well this year, prayed for safety at sea and a big catch, and started fishing at 1:7.
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