If you are aiming for a big game, let's go fishing

Boat fishing is where you can enjoy the size, richness and depth of nature.

If you want to enjoy big-game fishing and big-game fishing, try boat fishing.

It is a rich fishing that you can enjoy on a fishing boat called a fishing boat.
The boatman who knows all about the sea will let you fish at the recommended points, so it is probably the most promising fishing result.
There are tailored boats that charter and rent one boat, and boarding boats that strangers board.

Big catch is not a dream either.

In the first boat fishing, there seems to be a lot of anxiety that the gimmicks may be entangled or the bottom may be caught. If you move obediently, you can expect good fishing results, not to mention relieving anxiety.

Boat fishing torso

The torso gimmick is one of the basics of boat fishing.It's a very simple gimmick, but the target fish is a wide range of fishing methods, from small fish to big fish.

Originally, the torso gimmick is a gimmick that uses the torso stab weight shown below, but now it is a gimmick that lowers the weight to stabilize the gimmick at the bottom.

Red seabream


Horse mackerel (horse mackerel)

サ バ




Kawahagi (Leatherback Sea Bream)