Saguri fishing

Saguri fishing relies on Atari, which is transmitted directly from the rod and line to your hand, without using a float.The etymology is "fishing by groping".We introduce 3 types of saguri: "Body thruster" that focuses on a little above the seabed, "Brakuri" that can be dropped straight between obstacles such as Gorota beach and wave-dissipating block, "Microtenya" that allows you to freely explore a wide area.

Tackle ● The line, rod, and reel are the same for all of the torso, brakuri, and microtenya.Bodice gimmick Egging rod, various lure rods 2000-XNUMXft Spinning reel XNUMX Fluorocarbon or nylon line No. XNUMX Snap Sarkhan Commercially available bodice gimmick XNUMX-XNUMX Brakuri XNUMX-XNUMX Eggplant type weight XNUMX-XNUMX Atari Wait forIf the tide is moving, the food will drift, which will be a good appeal.
Submerge it in a pinpoint and move the device up and down to invite it.Atari searches for her place by changing her into.Even if she searches for Gorota, which is shallow in water, she sets her bait on her jig head used for her lure fishing, which is interesting.You can cast it or search for your feet.He can explore a wide area. ❶ Make the surface layer swim and appeal ❷ Appeal by putting action near the seabed ❸ Appeal from the surface layer to the bottom.After landing, invite by lift & fall ❹ Sink at your feet and appeal at the shore ● "Body thruster" and "Bracli" are in the vertical direction of ❹