Let's throw fishing from the sandy beach.

Fishing from a sandy beach is also called surf (sandy beach) or throwing fishing because it aims by throwing a gimmick (weight) in the distance.
Many people find it pleasant to fly a weight far away, and it has a high sporting element, but it does not require difficult techniques and is recommended for beginners.

Specialized tools and devices are available on the market at low prices, so even beginners can easily get started.
Speaking of throwing fishing, the image of small items such as kisses, gobies, flatfishes is strong, but depending on the location and conditions, there is also the fun of catching sea bass and sea bass.

In addition, kiss goby is a fish that can be expected to catch big when it starts to catch.
The sandy beach has a safe foothold, and if you are traveling with small children, you can feel like a picnic with two birds with one stone.If you put the caught fish in tempura, it will be three birds with one stone.

Let's enjoy throwing fishing in various places.

Throw fishing is quite different depending on whether the seabed is sandy or reef.For sandy mud, kisses, flatfishes, kochi, gobies, etc., and for rocky reefs, root fish such as fat greenling, scorpion fish, wrasse, etc. are the main.

For fishing ports, the point is outside.Let's throw it as far as we can.When the device has landed on the water, wait for a while, then remove the slack in the thread and wait for Atari while pulling it toward you.At that time, the place where there is a little resistance is evidence that there is undulation on the seabed.

Fish often lie in dents like this, so stop and wait for a while.In reef areas and estuaries, black sea bream, which eats benthic food, is also a good target for throwing fishing.

Suzuki can also aim for throwing fishing from a bridge near the mouth of the river.Pay close attention to the cars and passers-by around you.

Throw fishing (surf)

Float fishing can also aim at distant points to some extent, but throw fishing can attack farther offshore.

The gimmick is very easy, and if you learn the tricks to throw it, it's really refreshing fishing.

However, be careful of the people around you and the wires when you swing the rod.



Bigeye (repomucenus richard)




Fat greenling (Abrame)