Sabiki fishing

Sprinkle Akiami shrimp, which has a high ability to collect fish, to attract fish, and feed the fish with a Sabiki hook(pseudo hook).The main targets are migratory fish such as horse mackerel, mackerel and sardines that swim in groups.Sprinkling Akiami paste shrimp has a great appeal to fish!Various fish will be hit depending on the fishing spot and season.Let's put out the rod in a place with deep water from your feet, such as a shore, a quay where a large ship arrives, a fishing park, etc.

Tackle universal rod / set rod 4.5 ~ 3.6m or rocky shore rod 2500 ~ 3000 12 ~ XNUMXm Spinning reel XNUMX ~ XNUMX Makiekago No. XNUMX or fishing float for medium sabiki
❶ Pack Akiami shrimp in a makie basket. ❷ After putting in the gimmick and landing on the bottom, wind the reel several times. ❸ Move the rod up and down to remove the Akiami paste shrimp from the basket. ❹ If there is no Atari, make Tana shallow or aim offshore. ● When aiming offshore, he sets a float stop at a position about XNUMXm from Makiekago. ● When there is no Atari, he tries to change the Tana by moving the float stop up and down.
Tubed Akiami paste shrimp can be easily packed without getting your hands dirty.It is recommended for those who are concerned about the odor and dirt of Akiami paste shrimp.Put Makie constantly and fish while holding down the school of fish