If it ’s a man ’s sporting feeling, it ’s rock fishing.

Go up to the rocky shore and compete against nature!It is a sense of fishing.

It is suitable for intermediate and above who catch big fish such as gray, black sea bream, and striped beakfish, and you will be able to enjoy the most outdoor feeling.

Depending on the location, there are places where you can walk to the rocky shore, but most of them are small uninhabited rocky shores that you can cross by ferry (Setawari).

Rocky shore fishing itself can be learned by reading a book and studying, but it is also dangerous fishing, and especially beginners are not recommended because it is dangerous to go fishing alone.

There are some rocky shores where you can play on the rocky shore in a leisure atmosphere, so it is a good idea to choose such a place and enjoy the atmosphere of the rocky shore with parents and children of men.

Even in that case, it is best to choose a stable sunny day and accompany a veteran.

The same is true for other fishing spots, but rocky shore fishing also requires unique tools.Let's talk at a fishing tackle shop and get ready for fishing.

Ukifukase fishing

"Ukifukase fishing" was devised based on "Fukase fishing" that invites fish by letting the gimmick float in the sea with only the weight of bait, tension, and thread without using uki for the gimmick. is.

Makie is used for "Fukase fishing" and "Ukifukase fishing".Sprinkle Makie to attract the fish, and at the same time put the gimmick on the tide with Makie.

By doing this, you can feed the fish without giving it a sense of discomfort.

Striped beakfish



Red seabream




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