Instantly appeal that there is food

What is Makie?

Makie is made by mixing mixed food with krill or mysidacea and water.
The ingredients for the mixed bait include those that the target fish prefer to prey on, and those that appeal to the sense of smell and sight of the fish.
Taking Hirokyu's mixed bait Hyper Gure Z as an example, gure's favorite seaweed and seaweed are added to the amino acid-rich krill powder that fish generally like.
It is produced after abundant blending and research.
Krill and water are added to this mixed bait, and the mixed makie is sprinkled on the target point to call the fish. 
● Example: Some of the ingredients contained in Hypergres Z

How to make Makie

Suppose that you put in a gimmick (bait) without using Makie in front of the wide sea.
You just wait for the fish to notice your food.
A fish that happens to pass by may notice the food and eat it.
However, if you use Makie here, you can instantly appeal that there is food in a wide range of fish that are deep.
In addition, it also has the effect of keeping the incoming fish in place.
If the former is "waiting fishing", the latter is "offensive fishing".
It can be said that the fishing method using Makie is an efficient and rational fishing method.

How to make Makie

* About half a day

● Making / preparing food for Makie

Things to prepare / bucket, water bucket, magella (tool to mix)
Food to prepare / 2 to 3 bags of mixed food, about 3 kg of krill Krill is convenient)