Fukase fishing

Float fishing sets the float on the gimmick and informs you of the atari of the fish by its movement.Float fishing is also a type of fishing float, and a light weight is used to float the fish.Only small weights such as gun balls and honeybees are used as weights.The main targets are Black sea cream and Largescale blackfish. Makie is indispensable for this fishing.Sprinkle Makie to make points, and even when fishing, sprinkle Makie little by little to stop the fish.

Tackle example Universal rod or rocky shore rod No. 2500-XNUMX XNUMX-XNUMXm Spinning reel No. XNUMX Gun ball has the role of sinking the gimmick or adjusting the gimmick in the flow of the tide.The larger the number, the lighter the weight of Nos. XNUMX to XNUMX, and the larger the number, the heavier the B to XNUMXB.The weight setting of the gun ball is slightly different depending on the manufacturer, so the table below is a guide for him. Nos. XNUMX to XNUMX may be referred to as GXNUMX to GXNUMX.
How to fish I will imagine the whereabouts of the fish and let the gimmicks flow.If the fish hits, the float will sink. ● It is important to sprinkle the makie little by little and keep the fish attracted. ● Adjust the bottom of the float to find the tana that the fish will hit.Add tsukeesa to the tension. ❷ Put in a gimmick so that Tsukeesa will be inside Makie's belt. ❸ If there is any change in the float, raise the rod and insert the float. ❹ If there is no Atari, collect the device and reintroduce it.
How to attach krill Stomach orthodox stabs Backrest Effective when there is a lot of food theft or when long-distance casting Cuts the head and tail When adjusting the food to the size of the tension, when making it difficult to shift from the tension during long-distance casting When you want to stand
How to sprinkle Makie First-come-first-served Makie → Device order Float the fish with Makie and then insert the device to make it easier to synchronize Sashie and Makie.Post-striking gimmick → Makie's order The aim is to make the sashie stand out in advance and let the fish floating on the makie eat the sashie as soon as possible.

Supports fishing results UP with krill + blend material

Supports fishing results with krill + blended material

By adding a blending material to krill, which boasts a ability to collect fish, it will be easier to use and you can expect better fishing results.By mixing a blend material with a different specific density from krill, you can improve long-distance casting performance and adjust the sinking speed.In addition, elements such as diffusing odors and turbidity are added.This makes it possible to accurately aim at distance and tana, and it will greatly improve the fishing result.With krill and blends, you can maximize the benefits of Makie!

Krill XNUMXkg + XNUMX bag of blend material Now you can enjoy fishing for XNUMX-XNUMX hours.

Recommended blend example

Chinu and Gure are the two major targets for fluffy fishing.Chinu is basically a fish at the bottom, so it is important to make Makie work at the bottom.Hirokyu's blend material for black sea bream has a lineup of blend materials that arrange the essential elements for black sea bream fishing such as vision, diffusion, fish collection, and long-distance casting with the specific gravity as the axis.On the other hand, the points of Gure are the tides, places where the flow is changing, and the tip of the bleached fish.If you use Makie in the tide, you can float it on a shallow tana and fish, so a blend material with a light density is used for gray.