First of all, let's go to the shore easily.

Introducing the genres of fishing by fishing spot, there are shore fishing, rocky shore fishing, boat fishing, squid fishing, throwing fishing, and even river fishing.
The fishing method depends on the fishing location and the target fish.

Among the many sea fishing scenes, the first thing I would like to recommend to beginners is the shore fishing that you can enjoy at the nearby breakwater.
* Breakwaters are called "hato" in the west of Kansai and are called embankments in the Kanto region.

There are many places where cars can be placed side by side, and the scaffolding is good, so it is safe for families.
It is also a good idea to start from a place where facilities such as toilets are available as a fishing park.

Experience the joy of catching.

It is fishing only if you taste the feeling when you catch it.
If you're fishing on the shore, Ajigo fishing is the best way to get started.Dozens of animals in no time when you meet a flock!Because of that, you may hear a happy scream.

Basic fishing float gimmick

There are two types of floats, stick floats and cone floats, but let's start with stick floats because it is easy to understand atari.
There are two types of floats, fixed type and floating type, but the floating type (Ukifukase) shown in the figure is convenient because you can freely change the tana (length under the float).

Wave stop Sabiki fishing gimmick

The mechanism of horse mackerel (horse mackerel) fishing is as simple as the figure.Tie a sabiki device with a branch needle to the thread, and attach the amigago under it.

Put Akiami (Akiami paste shrimp) in a basket, drop it in the sea, and raise and lower the rod to invite fish.

Besides mullet, it is an interesting fishing that you can catch unexpected big fish such as mullet.

Horse mackerel (horse mackerel)

Arakabu (scorpion fish)

Japanese rockfish



Japanese halfbeak

バ リ



Japanese sea bass

Kawahagi (Leatherback Sea Bream)