Let's go fishing!

Brackish water where freshwater and seawater are mixed, around fishing ports and shores, offshore on sandy beaches and rocky shores.If there is water
and fish, it will be a fishing spot.In each area of ​​the Japanese archipelago, which is long from north to south
Various fish inhabit, and seasonal fish bend the rod according to the season.
 The fishing method differs depending on the target fish you are aiming for.Migratory fish such as horse mackerel and sardine are Makie
Sabiki fishing is suitable for sprinkling fish.Fish such as kisses, gobies and flatfish have a seabed
Since you are nearby, it is best to throw fishing with a weight.Besides that, using the float as a landmark
Fishing floats to judge the atari of fish, relying on the feel transmitted from the rod and thread without using fishing floats
There are fishing methods such as saguri fishing.
 Among the many fishing methods, the ones that are easy to start are Sabiki fishing, Sabiki fishing, and a little.
It is throw fishing.You can enjoy various fishing methods by changing the mechanism!