It is a fishing that mainly aims at Chinu by riding a raft floating in a quiet bay.

Originally it was mania fishing, but recently most of them are raft type offshore fishing ponds, most of which are equipped with toilets and you can relax, so the number of women and beginners is increasing.Since the fishing spot is also in the bay, it rarely shakes.

A marine fishing pond is a remodeled fish cage for aquaculture that can be used for fishing with scaffolding.
Recently, some fish have been released by drawing seawater into a concrete pool.

There are two main types of offshore fishing ponds: "raft type" and "pier type". "Pier type" is often called "fishing park".
Both have the pleasure of taking on unexpected big names.

Raft dango fishing

Dango fishing is said to be Ukidago fishing, Dagochin fishing, Chinu dango fishing, Kishu fishing in various places, and as the name suggests, it is a fishing method using dango.
Basically, the food attached to the tension is wrapped in a fist-sized dango, and the dango is thrown to the point together with the gimmick and waits for Atari.


Red seabream




Kawahagi (Leatherback Sea Bream)