[Fukase fishing]

[Fukase fishing]

Fukase fishing

Float fishing sets the float on the gimmick and informs you of the atari of the fish by its movement.Float fishing is also a type of fishing float, and a light weight is used to float the fish.Only small weights such as gun balls and honeybees are used as weights.The main targets are Black sea cream and Largescale blackfish. Makie is indispensable for this fishing.Sprinkle Makie to make points, and even when fishing, sprinkle Makie little by little to stop the fish.

By adding a blending material to krill, which boasts a high ability to collect fish, it will be easier to use and you can expect better fishing results.By mixing a blend material with a different specific density from krill, you can improve long-distance casting performance and adjust the sinking speed.In addition, elements such as diffusing odors and turbidity are added.This makes it possible to accurately aim at distance and tana, and it will greatly improve the fishing result.With krill and blends, you can maximize the benefits of Makie!

Recommended blend example

Chinu and Gure are the two major targets for fluffy fishing.Chinu is basically a fish at the bottom, so it is important to make Makie work at the bottom.Hirokyu's blend material for black sea bream has a lineup of blend materials that arrange the essential elements for black sea bream fishing such as vision, diffusion, fish collection, and long-distance casting with the specific gravity as the axis.On the other hand, the points of Gure are the tides, places where the flow is changing, and the tip of the bleached fish.If you use Makie in the tide, you can float it on a shallow tana and fish, so a blend material with a light density is used for gray.

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