"Fukase fishing" that makes sense in nature

Advantages of Ukifukase

As the name suggests, it is a fishing method that uses fishing floats, and mainly uses hollow cone fishing floats.

Advantage 1

The advantage of "Ukifukase fishing" is that the range where you can aim for fish is greatly expanded.If you use a float, you can aim at a distant offshore point with its own weight.

Advantage 2

You can freely manipulate the tana (depth) from the float to the food.You can freely decide the tana by adjusting the float stopper (a stopper that stops the movement of the float by making a knot bump on the road thread with another thread).This fishing method is a fishing method that is preset to match the Tana with a float stop after guessing the Tana that the target fish is to some extent.Click here for how to tie the thread  

Advantage 3

You can search for all the tana in the upper, middle, and bottom layers. (It is also called full-thickness fishing and full-floating fishing.) This fishing method does not use fishing floats.Therefore, the gimmick sinks toward the bottom as much as the thread is pulled out from the reel.The chances of encountering fish will increase accordingly.However, in order to feel the Atari of the fish, you have to be careful about the tension of the road thread and the rooting caused by the excessive sinking of the mechanism.

Fukase fishing is a delicate fishing method, but once you get used to it, there is no such convenient and encouraging fishing method.From here, I will talk about "Ukifukase fishing" as "Fukase fishing".

Fukase fishing equipment

Bait for fluffy fishing

Here is the amount required for fishing for about half a day.
● One corner of krill block of about 3 kg for Makie and two bags of mixed food.
If you use Sanriku Ami together with Krill, you will be able to collect more fish.
● HIROKYU has a large lineup of Krill series such as Kizamikko that can be used immediately without thawing, small krill for gray, boiled K krill for gray, and large krill for black sea bream.  
● For the mixed food, select the mixed food that matches the target fish, such as for black sea bream for black sea bream and for gray sea bream for gray.
● Tsukeesa should be selected from the raw Iki-kun series first.

How to fish for fluffy fishing

Hit Makie several times per point.I will put in a gimmick at the same time as Makie who hit last.

2 Where there is a tide, we will send lines little by little.

3 When the gimmick is familiar, make the line tight and wait for Atari slowly.

* The most important thing in fluffy fishing is to let the bait float naturally with Makie and not to give caution to the fish.

Target fish for fluffy fishing

Most of the fish on the shore and rocky shore can be caught by fluffy fishing, but the target fish to consciously aim for is Chinu Gure Bali Isaki.

In addition, horse mackerel, mackerel, and red sea bream are also targeted fish.