Leisure Fishing January 2017 Issue "Additional Alpha Shrimp Mule to Tairaba!"

The hit rate goes up with "Gun"

It sounds like there are many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.Since the hit rate goes up "for all the fish on the spot", you will be able to catch more than red sea bream.It also eats fish that are difficult to eat in Tairaba.

For this reason, Tairaba Freak, who wants to fish only red sea bream, says that he does not use shrimp because he can only eat red sea bream.It's a good idea to use shrimp based on this.

How to attach shrimp is important

* 1 "I caught this for the first time. Is it a shrimp effect?"Scorpion fish catch.Enjoy it with a slightly different feeling than usual

* 2 The fishing method itself is the same as that of Tairaba.Think of it as a plus alpha

* 3 Hit even if the tide does not move.The effect of shrimp is great

The tide moves and it fires!

* 1 "It's good shrimp! It seems to be a trump card when you can't catch it," says Karina.I want you to use it to improve your fishing results.

* 2 Red sea bream over 60 cm appeared on the surface of the sea.The effect of shrimp is scary