Leisure Fishing December 2017 Issue "Plan for Enjoying Sabiki Fishing Perfect for Family Fishing"

Impossible is impossible!What if?

Damselfish will not betray!

It seemed easy to fish because I was aiming at my feet.It was a bite to eat

A daughter who turns her suspicious manako even after fishing.Let's make this a delicious dish!

Damselfish cooking

A small kitchen knife is recommended

* 1 A petty knife bought at a 100-yen shop, not a favorite deba blade.This was comfortable for Hijo.Good for small fish

* 2 The abdomen is quite stiff.But for the size of a fish, it's a level, so it doesn't seem to matter if you fry it.

* 3 It is the head and internal organs that are discarded.I was worried about the thorns on the back fins, but for the time being I thought that it would be possible if I fried it.

* 4 We look back on the day's fishing while cooking together.This is fun again

* 5 How about bones?

* 6 He helped me a little.

* 7 For fried horse mackerel as a trial.This is Umai!

* 8 How about?It looks perfect

The thorns should be cut!

He said, "Let's go again."How long will you follow me