Leisure Fishing August 2016 issue "Flounder and flathead in Microtenya. There are tides and luck, but it is a hit because there are conditions to be there in the first place"

Flounder and flathead in Microtenya.There is tide and luck, but it is a hit because there was a condition to be there in the first place

What are the hit keywords?

Muddy is a great enemy

When Mr. Aramaki asked Mr. Takemoto while fishing, Mr. Takemoto laughed bitterly.Yes, it was raining until the day before, so the surroundings were quite muddy.

"It's not very clear around here because the river flows in, but it's pretty muddy today. The algae are terrible. I'm caught in the sinking microtenya."

The situation seems to be very different from the last fishing.But if you aim, it will come out!So both of them throw it over a wide area and explore it.However, although I can catch various things on the outer road, there is no reaction from the flathead.The tide gradually stopped.So, as a repartition, I decided to go out to the open sea side where there is little turbidity and floating matter.

The color of the sea changed completely with just a little out.Then the number of Atari more than doubled.Even though the tide isn't moving that much.I'm surprised that it's not so different.Strong turbidity seems to be a great enemy for fishing.

The turbidity of the day.It's always clear.There were quite a few cut algae, which was a hindrance to fishing.

The flathead is a hit!
Take on the challenge in summer

I cast a long distance and managed to dodge Gure and deliver the jig head to the bottom.And somehow a hit with a nice Atari in some throws.I caught a favorite flathead while being small.

"I've finally come to a small kedo. I think I could have caught it a little easier at night. I'm so happy! I'm sorry, I have to catch a bigger one."

No, this is the one I asked for in the daytime.Then, when the tide changed and the situation changed, I returned to the original place and found that the color of the water was worse than it was at the beginning, and I couldn't even steal food.

Access / From Imari City, head west on National Highway 204.Enter Matsuura City and head west toward Hirado.After passing the Hirado City Hall Tabira Branch, proceed for about 600m and turn right.Follow the road to the coast and you will reach Kamata Port.
At the beginning of the day, I put out a pole at the shore near a small river in the back of the bay.I caught a flathead here before.The turbidity is strong and the situation is bad, so when I aimed at the area with less turbidity on the open sea side, a flathead hit