Leisure Fishing August 2016 Issue

1 Let's learn how it works

2 From aiming at your feet

3 Let's aim offshore

When Mr. Kamikasa casts, it flies well.OK is also given by Mr. Tanimoto.When everyone lined up and pulled in while searching for the bottom, Mr. Tanimoto first hit the scorpion fish. "I finally caught it. It feels like I'm looking for it widely. Then it will eat."

However, if you don't throw it properly, it won't hit.At first, I forgot to put the bail back, and the timing to release the line was off, so I didn't fly, but with the guidance of the instructor, the cast gradually improved.And Mr. Kamikasa and Mr. Hirakawa caught the scorpion fish.It's a small but nice one in Microtenya that I threw myself and caught myself.

After that, I was planning to do my best until the end of the time, but when the rain became heavy, I decided to deliver the rod early.

Kobayashi: "I found that throwing was getting better and better, and I was able to experience the feeling of being pecked by bait and pulling fish. This is also a fun part of fishing."

It was a tough fishing in the rain and the activity of the fish was low, so I was worried whether I could enjoy it, but it seems that I overlooked it.If there are people around you who want to fish, invite them to Microtenya.You should enjoy it like this.