Leisure Fishing November 2016 Issue "Easy Chinufukase in Bay Area"

Interview cooperation / Human Academy Fukuoka School Fishing College

1 Rocky shore fishing is super fun

2 I like the bay area

You can play with food for about 3 yen

4 Challenge with such a mechanism

5 Easy equipment is OK

A wide range of powerful effects can be achieved by blending raw pupa, dried pupa, and raw pupa extract.The yellow wheat and corn are fluttering and appealing in color.It has a high specific density and is easy to organize, so krill + single substance is fine, and it is also ideal as a base.

* 1 All caught fish are released this time

* 2 Wash away the scattered Makie.Not only does it look good, but the scent remains, which makes people around you and those who come after you feel uncomfortable.