A little throw

If you want to aim at the fish off the coast, try throwing a little.Just set a small balance and a throwing fishing tackle and you're ready to go!You don't have to do a full cast, just cast about 30m offshore.If the point is sandy, kisses and flatfish, and gobies near the estuary are promising.

❶ Hang a line on your index finger and raise the bail.Hold the reel seat on the right hand and the rod butt on the left hand (for right-handed people) ❷ Hold the rod horizontally and swing the rod ❸ When the rod is at an angle of 12 to 10 o'clock, release the line and at 11 to XNUMX o'clock Stop at an angle How to attach insect food Chung hanging food is hard to weaken and moves well.An orthodox stab method for fishing floats.Cut small-mouthed fish such as kisses into small pieces. Stab the first fish firmly and stab the second and third fish.For big names such as Chinu and his flatfish
How to fish ❶ Add bait to the tension. ❷ Put in a gimmick. ❸ When the gimmick has landed, wind the reel and drag the gimmick. ❹ If there is atari, add atari.If there is no Atari, wait for a while and then collect it.Check for food and repeat from ❶.Change the speed of pulling the gimmick, such as very slowly, slowly, and quickly.Or put it on a rod and wait for the fish to hit (without moving the gimmick).