Rocky shore Aso in Mizutsu, Minami, Oita Prefecture

大分県南 米水津の磯 麻生

Before the rainy season, May 5,I went to Yonouzu, which is rumored to be in good condition, aiming for largescale blackfish of the rainy season.There is also a plan to participate in the Shimano Japan Cup to be held on June 6, and it is a fishing trip that also serves as a preview.

The place chosen by the captain of Masashin Maru is Matsubae.So-called "from the ground"It is the point of.I decided to go fishing with the same reef and started fishing for 2 hours.Although it is a place from the ground, the tide passes through quite a bit.

Sometimes 40m ~ to catch even a little big blackSometimes I aim for a point 50m away.Especially in the south of Oita prefecture during the rainy seasonAiming at the offshore eyes from the ground is also the secret to increasing the size.

Makie at such a timeIt is a blend of "G-MAX" based on "Iso Master Long Throw", which has excellent long-distance casting performance and synchronization with Tsukee's krill.

At first,Mix the rocky shore master long cast into the raw krill for Makie.

After that, mix G-MAX andAfter adding seawater, knead well.

It's enough as it is, but sprinkle "Gure Z" on it and sprinkle it.Mix further (photo).

If this happens, as long as you have the strength, you can fly as much as you want.It will be the strongest Makie that has both long-distance casting and fish collecting power.

In the pine fly, there is a lot of feeding in the foreground, and you cannot see Gure at all.After all, the point will be set to the offshore area,I decided to pinpoint the tide off the coast.

I will attack the float of 0 Shibu with a mechanism that takes Harris about 8 m,Tsukee remains.So that you can quickly find the area where food is takenChange the 00 to the float and sink it a little earlier.

The result came out immediately, but the movement of the fish is different.The one that came up was a 48 cm chinu.

Even after that, only burrs and food will be taken,There is no reaction from Kuro.Meanwhile, Masashin Maru came around, so I tried to preview another point.It has changed.

On the day of the event, we will attack the points from the ground.Next, head to Nekobae in Yonouzu Bay.

In the bay, along with turban shells,It is a popular point where you can expect good fishing results.

After throwing a few, I immediately got a favorite of less than 2 cm.after that,The same reefs also fire up to about 30 cm from the soles of their feet.When practicing size up, if you are attacking a wide range,After all, the size is a little better to eat at the tide off the coast, 33 cm to 35 cm.Device, Tsukee,While changing the points, I tried my best until the rod delivery time, but I could not get 40UP. .. ..Is it about 5 kg with 2.5 sheets?

The other group was Wakasa, Sarashi in the east, which was the same ship.I was fishing a good model with grunt.

Yonemizutsu feels like the rainy season has begun.By exploring a wide range with a blend that is conscious of long-distance casting, there is no doubt that you will catch a blast!