Wakayama Yuasa's Iso Chinu draws a mess!Qin

和歌山湯浅の磯チヌはメッチャ引く! 秦

Thursday, April XNUMX To Karumo Island, Yuasa Town, Wakayama Prefecture
I got on board using the Nagimaru ferry and went fishing for Chinufukase!ThisEven though it is a weekday, there are about XNUMX anglers at the departure time of XNUMX amIt was a great success, and of course everyone got in and aimed at Chinu!
Bring XNUMX bags of Hirokyu bottom attack ZudonI went to the east of Isona Matsu.

I myself have put out a rod to this rocky shore about XNUMX years ago, but I rememberAlmost no remainingI started groping from the first time.
The tide hardly moves after the high tide around XNUMX am due to the low tideI had a hard time, but Zudon attacked the bottom!Is in the seaIt seems that it has worked, and I managed to see my face,
XNUMX sheets from XNUMX㌢ to XNUMX㌢ at XNUMX:XNUMXI delivered the rod.