Boarding the Chinu front northward!Qin

乗っ込みチヌ前線北上中! 秦
Sunday, March XNUMX to Kihoku, Wakayama Prefecture
I went fishing for Chinufukase!
The area around the tide on the day was a long tide, and I was wondering if it was cloudy due to the heavy rain until the day before.It was a little transparent, and the wind was strong after the rain, so XNUMXBI started fishing with the horizontal float of the load floating.
Sprinkle bait on raw krill XNUMXk + Akiami shrimp XNUMXk
Hirokyu bottom attack Zudon XNUMX bags until stickiness comes out
Mix well, XNUMX to XNUMX rods in front of the fishing seat
XNUMX㌢ in Chinu's stalemate strategy to sprinkle bait on the vertical line and pass throughKeep XNUMX sheets of ~ XNUMX㌢
Now that I've done it, I'll do a simple cleaning of the fishing seat.
I delivered the rod.
With the cherry blossoms blooming, I got on the Chinu front and went north!