Kamiamakusa Matsushima Chinu Aso

上天草松島のチヌ 麻生

Recently, I tried to participate in a black sea bream fishing tournament.I went to Matsushima in Kamiamakusa City, which is becoming a national district as a black sea bream fishing spot. May 5thPerhaps because it was the last day of the consecutive holidays, there were only a few passengers on the day of the Rikimaru flight.

The ship leaves Aizu Port and goes around Maejima from the east side.Immediately slow down

We were called.The place where I got off was the rainbow of Maejima.

It is a masonry embankment and has a wide scaffolding.It is a place that everyone from beginners to veterans can enjoy.

The fishing seat is the tip of the embankment and the part where the boat arrives.

From the tip, aim at the part of Seto where ships frequently come and go,From the time of arriving at the ship, I feel that I am mainly aiming at the wand side.

On the day of the event, Makie had 2 bag of my chinu and 1 bags of zudon in 3 corners of Oki Ami.I used this in two parts.

This was about 7 hours.

For Tsukee,Nama Iki-kun Crystal Hard, PRO, Half Boiled,For this, I prepared corn that I eat very much as a Nerie.this day is,I mainly used corn because I wanted to see the reaction of Nerie.Moist without kneading,It feels good and soft, yet the needle does not come off easily, so it is very easy to use.

The fishing friend who was fishing on the wand side was semi-floating, and I sank all layers from the tip.I took a look at the situation with different gimmicks.The fishing friend on the wand side catches the hit immediately.It seems that the float is clearly atari in the semi-floating.The one that came up was the size of the mate.

At the tip, I was at the mercy of the torrent of Seto,I can't fish well. The silence lasted for 3 hours, and the place changed.Because the tide is slow on the wand sideSlowly sink into No. 0 float with just the weight of Harris and watch the situation.To collectWhen I start winding slowly, it feels moderately heavy.

Apparently he was eating.The one that came up is 40 cmWeak Chinu.

The food was "Meccha kuu! Toumorokoshi". Afterwards,I searched for a place where the flow loosened and fished, and added the same size.Finally, change places again and go to the tip.

The flow of the tide is the opposite, but it is a little loose andMake about 10 cups first and put in a gimmick.

After that, let it fall apart and make 3 cups.Feeling the feeling of crawling on the bottomAs you roll the corn, the speed at which the thread comes out gradually accelerates, which is the long-awaited Atari just before the end.It was quite heavy because it was in the flow, but it was 42 cm.Today's size.

I also tried using krill and boil, but on that day,The reaction of the corn was very good, and I wondered if it was able to appeal even by crawling down, it is in a deep place,I was able to catch a bigger chinu.

From now on, feeding such as blowfish will increase, butI would like to enjoy fishing a little more with this Nerie as a weapon.