Fishing fan October 2016 issue "Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture" Manaita of Kuromase "" Hanare of Akashima "Akiiso is a smart fishing shallow dana floating must-have technique"

The long-awaited black fishing season has arrived.The seasons will surely change due to the autumn rain front and successive typhoons.In midsummer, the anglers who were absent from rocky shore fishing will be busy preparing for inspection of fishing gear.By the way, in the first rocky shore fishing in autumn, Bowes may be afraid, but the seawater temperature is still high and there are many bait thefts.Here, Hirokyu will release the perfect blend material for this season.Its name is Grezero.The anglers are Keiji Shibahara and Takahiko Hara.I tried out the power of the new product at the rocky shore in Goto, Nagasaki prefecture.

What is Grezero?

The Hamaryo Maru, which departs from Nishihama, Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture, departs for Goto.First of all, the actual fishing starts at "Kuromose Manaita".Let me briefly explain about Hirokyu / Grezero here.First of all, in order to synchronize Tsukee and Makie, it is important to make the specific densities of krill and blend material the same.

Grezero is formulated so that it can be perfectly synchronized with tsukee if it is made with a sufficient amount of water, without any special effort, because the sinking speed is adjusted to the krill in the first place.Secondly, it has excellent diffusivity.Due to its high water absorption, it quickly adapts to seawater.According to Mr. Hara, "It is a blend material that has been tried and errored aiming for perfect synchronization. For example, even if it is sucked into the tide, it will ride on the tide, so the synchronization time with the gimmick will be longer." It seems that the eternal theme of black fishing, which is the synchronization of Makie and Makie, is "nothing is in the way".

By the way, the basic method of making Makie is one bag of krill for one krill.Grezero weighs 1 kg and has a voluminous feel just by mixing it with one krill.Since the amount of water as a guide is displayed on the bag of the blend material, if you put the seawater drawn in the water-drawing bucket into the bag, weigh it, and then put it in the bag, the blend material remaining in the bag will be left over. It is economical to use without.Let's see the fishing of the masters.

* 1 Hirokyu / Grezero.The umami ingredients and seaweed invite the taste of black. It is also economical because Makie swells with 3 kg. Scheduled to go on sale in late October.The basic amount is Grezero and one krill.Moisture adjustment is changed according to the target point.High water absorption.Read the article for the effect.

* 2 For Tsukee, Hirokyu / Raw Iki-kun M, Raw Iki-kun half-boiled, and Ami-zuke Kimi are available.Mr. Shibahara often used mysidacea pickles and boil.

It came out!Good tail length

Here Manaita is the place where you have to prepare for the onslaught of Onaga in the morning.I wanted to challenge with a slightly thick gimmick, but on the day the tide did not show the ideal appearance, so I gave up mainstream fishing and changed to special fishing.Hara's fishing seat is cracked.Watch how Makie is driven into the place where the payout at your feet and the tide collide.The food stealing is such that a palm-sized brassy chub can be seen at your feet.However, the effect of collecting fish gradually became apparent.A group of blue-backed fish can be seen and hidden in the air layer of the offing.Make it a long Harris and let the float pass through it.It was Ocho who modified the mechanism and bent the rod for the first throw.Although it is a favorite, the mold is small.

Infinite possibilities depending on the arrangement

Grezero responds flexibly to the situation

* 1 Motae supervised by Mr. Hara.I was particular about the weight of 16g.Strong against kiwa, tides, and mainstream.

[Makie at Hanare in Akashima <Mainstream / Long cast / Air layer specifications>]

* 1 Mix Hara Gure Zero and Advanced Gure 1/3, and use boil.After all the aim is the tail length.

* 2 At Hanare in Akashima, we aimed for mainstream fishing and the tide that was drawn to the tide.Hirokyu / Advance Gure is a must-have item when aiming for long-distance casting or the air layer.

* 3 M for Hirokyu / Boyle Gree.Hara-san's Tsukee, which he aimed at in a long-distance cast, had a lot of this.