Weekly Fishing News July 2016, 7 issue "Tokyo Wan Kannonzaki Departure Jig Head + Krill"

I played in the calm sea

Good food is convenient

Catch 4 scorpion fish ♪

If you know that you are here, you will attack more and more. Get the second one in less than 15 minutes.I'm silent when I start fishing.Maybe I'm full of conversations with fish.It is interesting that the habit of fishing differs depending on the person.

Krill rushes into the second pack.It feels like it's sticking to the tension.It seems that even small children can enjoy it.While thinking about such things, Atari constantly caught 2 and 3 fish.

I thought I'd try to catch it until the end, but after midnight, the wind and waves came out, so it ended.If you are a little regrettable, you can't wait for the next fishing.

There are 4 scorpion fish in the catch.Today's sea fishing is very satisfying.It was a fulfilling memory.

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<Mako Miyazaki>