Nama Iki-kun Twin Pack Crystal Hard

M 4514394 031343
L 4514394 031336
2L 4514394 031229

The "Nama Iki-kun" series has been patronized by everyone with overwhelming support.

We have prepared products that can withstand hard use while maintaining their freshness and ease of use.

The needle does not easily come off during long-distance casting, making it ideal as a countermeasure against food theft in the summer.


Raw Iki-kun, Tsukeesa capture that makes a difference in fishing results


Contents: Approximately 75g

Category: Tsukeesa (non-freezing type)

Size: M, L, 2L

Target fish: Chinu, red sea bream, gray, grunt, horse mackerel, rockfish, sea bass, etc.

Main raw materials: krill