Let's go to the river to heal our eyes, ears and heart.

For river fishing, from managed fishing area fishing (such as Nijimasu and Herabuna) that catches fish released within the partitioned area, to midstream and downstream fishing that targets carp, dace, dace, ayu, and oikawa, and upstream. In the club, there are various ways to enjoy fishing, such as mountain stream fishing for yamame trout, amago, and dace.

* Target fish vary depending on the area.

Here, we will mainly focus on mountain stream fishing.

The mechanism of myak fishing aiming at yamame trout in the mountain stream is very simple.

For this reason, mountain stream fishing has been devised for a long time.

One of them is the ceiling thread that prevents the rod from getting caught and the mark that conveys Atari.This mark also tells you how far the food you are flowing is flowing from the surface of the water.

Yamame and char are extremely alert fish.In myak fishing, bait is gently poured from a little upstream of the point.At that time, the gimmick thread is tightened.While moving the rod according to the speed of the flow, concentrate your nerves and feel the atari.

Mountain stream myak fishing

Yamame: Sakuramasu

Amago: Satsukimasu

Iwana: Amemas

Rainbow trout