Makie who can play at a relatively low cost

It is a standard combination bait that is highly turbid, has a high specific density, and is popular for attacks.

Chinu TEN about 2.0Kg

Capture Chinu with outstanding density and turbidity

Chinu smoke screen about 3.0Kg

Standard combination food that has been popular since its release

Gure TEN about 2.0Kg

Bali fishing fan popular combination bait, Bali TEN

Bali TEN about 2.0Kg

Make Makie / One point advice

Make Makie / One point advice

Hirokyu's Kizamikko is made by finely chopping frozen krill from the beginning and then packing it in a frozen state.
There is no need to chop it, and if you add mixed food and water, it will become familiar quickly and can be used immediately.