Nama Iki-kun ツインパック 赤アミ - 釣りエサの総合メーカー「ヒロキュー」

Nama Iki-kun Twin Pack Akaami (Red Mysid)

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Because it is a specially processed raw Iki-kun treatment, it does not freeze and the body is firm
Because it is, it is easy to pierce the needle and has excellent food retention.
You can catch horse mackerel, halfbeak, rockfish, as well as shores and rocky shores.
Many fish are targeted.In addition, Gure fishing that was reluctant to eat, etc.
Excellent bite into.Especially recommended.

Contents: Approximately 70g

Category: Tsukeesa (non-freezing type)

Size: small grain

Target fish: horse mackerel, halfbeak, gray, etc.

Main raw materials: Sanriku Ami