Barashi barrage at the supermarket offshore embankment in Kagoshima City! .. Hayato Nakamura

鹿児島市のスーパー沖堤防にてバラシ連発!    ..東中村隼
From Kagoshima Aquarium to one of the best offshore embankments in Kagoshima that you can see right there
I went fishing.
This (North Wharf offshore embankment) where Tenryu Maru is ferry
Large scale blackfish are caught every day, and it is especially crowded with anglers on holidays.

According to the prior information, there are about 2 to 3 rods on the shelves.
With the meaning of increasing the amount of "G-MAX", which has a specific weight in fish collection materials
I used the "Gre Z" mix.
Because it was said that "Harris will be cut without No. 3"
I decided to fish with No. 1 a day.
Yellowtail hits the person who was fishing next to him soon after the start!
However, when I saw him, I was disappointed.
Also, it was a strong hit (probably yellowtail) onaga tackle for me, but I couldn't compete.

Even after that, although he made a hit, he was able to enter the caisson at his feet with a strong pull.
The long-awaited hit!
It was a red sea bream of 35 cm that came up without any reason.
After all, the place to eat is in the deep, so it will be a high risk fishing.
It was a very regrettable fishing trip, so I vowed to revenge soon.