With raw chrysalis and black sea bream!Qin

生さなぎ黒鯛で! 秦

Friday, October XNUMXth
To the wharf in Wakayama City, Wakayama PrefectureI went to sprinkle raw chrysalis black sea bream!

The tide on the day was mid-tide and the tide reached XNUMXcm at XNUMXam, so we started fishing after sunrise!Two bags of raw chrysalis and black sea bream are mixed with XNUMX kg of raw krill, and float fishing is carried out using a XNUMXB load stick.

About an hour after the start, the raw chrysalis black sea bream had accumulated on the bottom, and the float was full!enter!I was able to keep XNUMX black sea bream in the XNUMX cm range by noon!