Early summer gray fishing Aso at the beach off Tsurumi, Oita Prefecture

大分県南 鶴見沖磯での初夏のグレ釣り 麻生


Three consecutive holidays in July, the 7th of the only "fine" mark, the rainy season gray?Early summer gray?

I have seen the situation of the rocky shore in Tsurumi, south of Oita prefecture.


The Hayami Maru, which departs at 2:5, is in addition to the five of us,There is only one other customer.

As expected, daytime fishing is rare at this time of year.


The location was left to the captain.At this time, the bay is in good condition,With 5 people

I think 3 people are Shirasaki No. 1 and 2 people are around Uto Island.Shirasaki nose when talking on board

To Uto Island.One other guest to the usual retreat.After that,Go straight to Oshima.


Two people to Kurematsu.Three people will be tough in Sriotoshi,2 people to Sriotoshi,

I went to the side of Tachibana alone.


I thought it was a little night fishing, so I added 2 kg of bread crumbs to the "conquering red sea bream".1 piece of krill raw

Blend and start fishing at night.


I worked hard for about 2 hours, but only Uribo ...


The eastern sky becomes a magic hour with complex color gradations,Day fishing

Change to a gimmick.


My recent blend of Makie is "Master Long Throw" and "G-"MAX" with krill

After entwining and kneadingConsidering the need for long-distance casting at the fishing spot on the day, add a little "Gure Z" to finish.Based on this, further, ""Conquer red sea bream", "Ikki float", and "Grezero" are blended according to the situation.


On the day, in addition to the base, while envisioning a big saki"Conquer red sea bream" that can produce heavy ingredients and glitter has been added.


Danbana direction (on the left side when looking at the sea)I heard from the captain that the tide flowing to is good,

Tsurumisaki Peninsula and Tachibana side (right side) while repeating the tideIt flows to.

When flowing to the Tachibana sideI found a point where Atari came out, so when I was focusing on attacking, Atari came to pull the rod, butIt's not an open veil, and the rod also stretches in a straight line, so it's a pity.

after that,At the same point, there is a steadily riding Dawn and a rod,You can cut it from Chimoto when you can see the float.

I don't know what the prey is. .. ..


At the timing when the tide became loose, I cast a long distance to the tide off the coast.When I was conscious of about 2 Hiro, the road thread started to come out, and when I adjusted it slowly,A feeling of moderate weight.

The favorite that came up was about 36 cm.His belly is also plumpOne piece of satisfaction for this time.


After that, the swell became bigger, and at that timing,The captain came to pick me up.


A passenger on another ship is preparing to return,Change to Tachibana.

When I asked the customer about the situation, the day before, there was time for Gure to come up,I caught a little, but today it's refreshing.Isaki was also only Uribo. .. .. ..


The falling tide slowly changes the angle,As a whole, it flows toward the inside of Tsurumi Bay (on the right when looking at the sea).

About an hour after I started fishing, after 1 o'clock,Under the Koganes damselfish, flickering and gray began to appear.40 cm insideThere is also a fish body that seems to exceed the onaga. ..


Being aware of shallow tana, while adjusting the sinking speed with a needle, when attacking,When I changed it to a lighter needle, there was an attack, and I got a sole-sized gray.

after that,If you add one of the same size and attack in the same way, when 1 Hiro's floats are familiar,Snatch theft, out of chimoto.

After that, the food is taken but not on the rod.If you change the point to the offshore and let it flow like a tide so that the mechanism fits in where there are bubbles,Uki said it was a spatter and got a gray of about 35 cm.


From now on, it's time to deliver the rod.


I'm making a noise in my neighbor Sriotoshi, so when I went to see it,A fishing friend was catching 80 cm of red sea bream.

I'm surprised that it was No. 1.5 Harris.


The sashie on the day was half-boiled, pickled in mysidacea, crystal,I rotated the raw Iki-kun Pro, but I mixed the raw Iki-kun Pro with Makie a little,It was half-boiled and had atari and fishing results.


The activity of the tail length is also high, and if you take measures against the heat such as umbrellas,You can enjoy gray fishing at this time as well.

Please be careful about heat stroke and enjoy the summer rocky shore.