The first gyu~ ♪ Anytime!anywhere!Hanado

はじめてのぎゅ〜♪いつでも!どこでも! 花堂

anytime!anywhere!As the name suggests, it is perfect for family fishing and short time play.Just open the cap without getting your hands dirty and put the amount you need in the net basket.
The gimmick is simple, set the net basket on the lure rod or long cast rod that can handle the weight of the net basket, and the sabiki gimmick (3 to 5 branch needles).Next, inject the necessary amount tightly into the mesh basket.
After that, all you have to do is throw the device into the sea, move the rod up and down, and wait for the fish to hit. My 2 year old daughter was able to make a net basket tightly.

It's exciting to catch while watching the bait spread from the net basket!? It's exciting and fun.The children seemed to be quite excited about the fish that came by.
The feature of this product is that the mysid shrimp spreads "fluffily" in the sea, inviting the fish to eat.
Everyone was in high spirits when the hand holding the pole made a 'blur' sound.I enjoyed fishing with my family.

When I saw my family having fun, I felt like I had returned to my roots.
How about using it as a date item for your family or couple?