Get a good red sea bream with GMAX and conquering red sea bream!New increase

GMAXと制覇マダイで良型マダイget! 新増

On June XNUMX, I went out for lunch fishing alone at the offshore beach of Funama Fishing Port, Kimotsuki-cho, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, aiming for the rainy season grunt and grunt.
Departed at Harimi Maru after XNUMX am.
I asked him to raise it to the rocky shore in front of Tosaki nose, avoiding the southwesterly wind.

I will make Makie immediately.
Two small krill for gray and one boiled krill.The blending agent is XNUMX bags containing GMAX XNUMX kg in consideration of the rainy season.Isaki has a little deeper Tana than Gure, and I brought XNUMX bags of red sea bream, so mix half for the first half.

The attached food is raw Iki-kun, half-boiled XNUMXL size, which is strong against feeding.
We have prepared the L size of Raw Iki-kun PRO, which is so plump that it is mistaken for raw krill and has good needle holding.

The tide is cloudy and has poor transparency.Since the water temperature is high, if you do Makie on the rocky shore, you will get a lot of food.
The rising tide hits the fishing seat from offshore faster than a person walks, and it is hard to stick and stick.

Make a time to eat by throwing a gimmick with Makie for a long time to synchronize.
Both GMAX and red sea bream are bright red and it is easy to see where Makie is on the surface of the sea.

At XNUMX:XNUMX am, a sudden big hit came.
It is not a grunt or black pull.
I couldn't stop because I couldn't compete with a huge blue-backed fish.
More than XNUMX ㍍ of thread came out.Carefully rolled and pulled out repeatedly for XNUMX minutes.
Although my arms were increasing, I finally took in the red sea bream XNUMX㌢ XNUMXkg.It is a self-record update.
The red sea bream went wild and the tamo broke.
Conquering red sea bream contains a large amount of crustacean ingredients, pellets, and glitter that glitters in the sea, not to mention grunt.
As the name suggests, it was proved that red sea bream has a great effect this time as well.
It is also recommended for summer night fishing.

Added grunt, black and blue mackerel as the sun's rays increased in intensity.

Try using GMAX and red sea bream.