Get Metabogure with G-MAX! shun

G-MAXでメタボグレGET! shun
Location: Kagoshima Kohoku Wharf Offshore Embankment
Date and time: February 2 (16:7 to 16:XNUMX)
Water temperature: 17 ℃

At Tenryu Maru, I went fishing in Kagoshima to the great success of the North Wharf offshore embankment.

I heard that large scale blackfish are fishing every day, so I dreamed of over 50 cm and challenged.
Makie mainly uses G-MAX and adds Gure Z.
Tsukee uses M size of raw Iki-kun for pro.
G-MAX has a specific density and sinks like a slope on the tide.
It was a perfect match for the deep offshore embankment.
By mixing G-MAX with Gure Z, the cohesiveness is improved and the amount is doubled.
This blend is recommended when you want to sprinkle a lot of Makie.
According to prior information, this embankment has a slit from around 15m in depth, and there are a lot of gray fish there.

Harris needs No. 2 to 3 because he escapes into the slit when he hangs it.

Based on this information, Asaichi will focus on searching for the target Tana (3 to 1 rods) with Harris No. 2 and Buoyancy No. 3 Uki.
The tide was fast during this time, and the heavy No. 1 float was useful.
The first hit at around 9 o'clock!
It was the sole-sized gray that came up without difficulty.
I repeat it in the same way, but it is a strategy change because Atari does not continue.
Change to a fishing method with a buoyancy of 3B and a fishing method that slowly sinks from "two anti-floating rods" to slowly search for two or more rods.
Then, the thread that had been tense was pulled vigorously and hit!
I managed to get over 40 cm

After this, I will continue to play the same tricks, but Atari will not continue.

Since the tide became loose around 12 o'clock, the strategy was changed again.
Harris 2.5 hits a G0 gun ball on a 5-shibu float
With the image of slowly sneaking Tsukee into Makie who sinks like a slope
I will explore it.
Then, the long-awaited Atari at the place where about 2 rods entered!
There is a heavy feeling of weight.
When I caught it, it was a wonderful 45 cm metabogre.
After that, I was sticky until 16:XNUMX, but there was no reaction at all and the rod was delivered.

The person who was fishing next to me was fishing two fish before the rod was delivered, so when I asked him about the mechanism, he said, "All floating sinking fishing without hitting a gun ball."
The embankment off the North Wharf was a more delicate fishing spot than I had imagined.
It seems that you can aim for Metabogure until the end of March.
I would definitely like to visit the 50 Over Challenge again.