2022 First fishing in Uchinoura Sake Smell

2022初釣りin内之浦 酒匂 満

I went fishing for the first time on the rocky shore of Uchinoura on the Okuma Peninsula.
It was Genga who went to the reef with the help of the ferry, Yukamaru (Captain Kondo).
The scaffolding is good, but the seaweed is growing, so it seems that you will be fishing while being careful not to slip.
The sprinkled food was prepared the day before, and the power of G-max, Grezero, and seaweed was mixed in one and a half of the offshore mysidacea, so all you have to do is add seawater.
According to the information, the water temperature rose about 2 degrees the day before, and swelling came out from the afternoon, showing a bitter taste and it was a tough fishing.
The activity of the diamondback moth was high on this day, and there was a hit from the second throw.
The type is about the sole of the foot.


Although there was constant atari, I could not increase the size, and while only time passed, I was enjoying the best pull today, but at the last plunge I ran out of chimoto.
Was it a good-looking magpie? , Barashi is regrettable.
After regaining my mind and resuming fishing, striped jacks have been in a row.
I also made a nice souvenir, so when I was aiming to increase the size again, the tide flowed off the coast with a good feeling and at the same time the rod was pulled.
It was a cutie of about 38 cm that was carefully exchanged and safely settled in the tamo.
After that, the swell became stronger and it overlapped with the high tide, the waves began to wash the fishing seat, and fishing resumed from a higher place, but the point was that I could not fish in the washing machine state and I got a few diamondback moths. It became a rod.
I washed away the fishing spots that had been polluted with sprinkled bait and boarded the recovery boat.
"Although I am dissatisfied with both the type and number of fishing for the first time, let's consider it from today's situation. 』\
I told myself, and left the harbor.

Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture