2022 First fishing Uekihara

2022初釣り 上木原
Happy new year.
I went fishing for the first time this year to Bonotsu in Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture on January 1rd with my fishing friends.

The forecast was a little windy on the day, so I made Makie with GMAX main.
I used 2 krill, half-width krill, 2 bags of GMAX and 1 bag of nori seaweed for one day.

The long-distance castability of GMAX is outstanding.
It's hard to throw away the rocky shore master long cast, but ...

It's important fishing, but it doesn't go as expected and there are a lot of onaga (this is unexpected in the first place), but the time is up without being able to capture it.
If you drink it, it will be cut, and if you cross it, it will be awkward to eat.
Even so, it was a 35 cm class, but I managed to secure a takeaway.

It was a disappointing first fishing, but I will revenge again soon.