2021 First fishing .. Hanado

2021初釣り    ..花堂
Happy new year!
I went fishing for the first time on January 1th.
Kagoshima has been hit by cold waves for the past few days and was worried if I could go fishing.
When I woke up at 1 am on the day and opened my mouth,
There was light snow on the grass in the garden.
Children will be happy, but is it okay to go to the fishing spot?When,
I was worried.

When I drove the car, I arrived at the parking lot of the fishing spot in less than two hours without worrying about snow.
This is the rocky shore of Kimotsuki-cho, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture.
I set my luggage on my backpack, walked on the mountain road and arrived at the fishing spot in 20 minutes.
Make a dark bait with tension MAX.
The food to be sown this time is "G-MAX 3kg" x 2 bags, "Gure Z" x 2 bags, and "Small grains for Gure" x 2 squares for one day.
Use it separately in the morning and afternoon.
For the bait, use "Nama Iki-kun Gure" and "Prosashie Nama".
The feature of "G-MAX" is that it sinks like a slope, so visibility is very good.
Therefore, it is easy to imagine the gimmicks flowing.
I have been using it since it was released.

Although it was a strong wind, probably due to the influence of the cold wave, I was able to catch 43 pieces with a 4 cm tail length mixed with squid.
On the way, I caught a special guest, Suma bonito, which was drawn to "G-MAX"!I pulled it well.
The first fishing became fun thanks to "G-MAX".

We look forward to working with you again this year!