2020 Last Fishing Line in Kasado Island, Kudamatsu City .. Shingo Takeshita

2020ラスト釣行 in下松市笠戸島沖磯    ..竹下新悟
Take the Sakae Yumaru from Kudamatsu City to the Kasado Island area, the last of this year
I went to a cold sea bream fishing line!
It was a bitter situation, but I'm good at semi-fixed and full of sickness
Was it good to aim only at Chinu?
42-38 cm I was able to keep 4 animals
It was a lot of fun to finish!
Hirokyu, thank you for your continued support this year m (_ _) m

The compounded fish material used this time is ...
Krill raw 3 kg 2 squares, very cohesive and very easy to operate
It is also excellent in long-distance casting, has a very heavy specific weight, and is used as "My Chinu" to quickly sink Makie.
Furthermore, it has the effect of increasing the activity by directly attacking the middle to low layer of black sea bream with high specific density and abundant ingredients.
"Chinu Meguri" is blended and kneaded firmly to finish.