First fishing in 2020 .. Bamboo yan

2020の初釣り    ..竹やん
It's a little late, but as the first fishing in 2020,
I went fishing on Saturday, December 12th.
I went fishing on the Mihira Maru to Katashima outside the port of Sasebo City.
On this day, the rising tide was flowing because of the spring tide of the full moon.
I was worried because I couldn't catch any fish, but
When I sprinkled the bait under my feet, I saw the shadow of a black fish, so
I started fishing after 9 o'clock when the tide started to loosen, and I got more than 10 fish.
Small black etc. have been released.
I was able to catch 41.5 pieces and bring back XNUMX pieces of black over XNUMX cm, starting with XNUMX cm.
It was a good start.
For the sprinkling food, I used XNUMX bags of Krill XNUMX corners of Hirokyu, GMAX and XNUMX bag of Grezero.
Krill raw / Nama Iki-kun twin pack Mukimi M for feeding
I used XNUMXL of Nama Iki-kun twin pack regular.
I had a hard time thinking that it was a bitter bait to eat, but I was able to catch it with two and a half shelves.
It was a fun fishing start.