Fishing for 2019! !! .. Takeyan

2019年の釣り納め!!    ..竹やん
Happy new year.
Thank you again this year.
This year too, using Krill, fish collector, raw Iki-kun, etc. from Hirokyu
I will go fishing.
I would like to report on this bulletin board when the fishing results come out.
Thank you.
It was a little late, but as a fishing payment for 2019, I went to Katashima outside the port of Sasebo City on Saturday, December 12th.
I went fishing at Sanpei Maru.
I was worried because the rising tide was flowing and I couldn't catch any fish.
I finally started fishing after 9 o'clock when the tide started to loosen, and I got more than 10 fish.
Small black etc. have been released. Catch XNUMX blacks over XNUMX cm, starting with XNUMX cm
I was able to bring back XNUMX sheets.
It was a good fishing.