Chinu fishing at Kagoshima Makurazaki fishing port ..morizo

鹿児島 枕崎漁港でのチヌ釣り    ..morizo
On August 8, I went to Kagoshima / Makurazaki fishing port because I had time for the first time in a long time.

It's not a matter of writing, but it's usually hot during the day.
Bet the game almost in the morning
Fishing starts around 6:30.

This time, we used "Raw Sanagi Black Sea Bream Kai".One bag for one corner of Okiami.
In the second half, there is one corner of Okiami in "Raw Sanagi Black Sea Bream".

First, make Makie.
Then, I made a gimmick by assembling a tamo, but I threw a few Makie in the interval and tried to make a point lightly.

The first throw of a gimmick.
Suddenly the float disappeared into the sea.
You can catch a rainy day chinu (actually it's about 30 cm, so it's a mate).

This fish collecting agent is really amazing.
It has been renewed to make it even easier to use.

From beginning to end, you can catch 7 pieces including Meita and 53 cm of sweetlips while being burned by Koppa.
It was a very satisfying day.

Besides, it will be able to cut the gimmick 5 times, and the needle will come off once, so it will bring big fish to you.
Please give it a try.

This time was a day that was helped by food.