Kagoshima is in the middle of the rainy season ~ .. morizo

鹿児島は梅雨グレまっただ中ですよ~    ..morizo
I went there during the rainy season on June 6th.
This is Bonotsu, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
It was forecast that the weather would not rain on that day, but the swell from the other day
The remaining sea was stormy.

At the beginning of fishing, I couldn't make it a favorite point because of the swell.
Although it is small, the long-tailed magpie bent the rod.

Today's Makie put 2 bags of "G-MAX" and half-width Ami in 2 corners of Oki Ami.

Because the water temperature was high and the activity of the fish was very high, it was possible to separate the food.
I had a hard time, but the rod was bent from beginning to end.

You can stand at your favorite point from around 11 o'clock, and if you attack offshore, you can reach a maximum of 38 cm.
I enjoyed several fishing with the length of the tail in my head.

Sufficiently the real thrill of how to get a good shape while fishing a small gray
It was a day that I was able to enjoy.