Tsurumisaki Peninsula Kataherabae's cold gray Aso (Kumamoto)

鶴御崎半島 カタヘラバエの寒グレ 麻生(熊本)

Shirako and fatty sashimi!It ’s the real thrill of cold weather,I haven't tasted this season

I'm the last spurt.In Amakusa, Kumamoto, I'm eating less, maybe Bose.

Is it a big bang?In search of stable fishing results,March 3 I went to the rocky shore in Tsurumi, Oita prefecture.

From SNS and fishing information of ferry boats, both Yonemizutsu and Tsurumi,It seems that the belly bread is caught.

I thought it was crowded, but Hayami Maru on the day wasEven though it's Saturday, there aren't even 10 people.

Tsurumi Oshima also has few cap lights, and the rocky shore is rattle.

Grate with dead pine and byakubi and head to the Tsurumisaki Peninsula.Three of us and two of the other groups went to the Katahera fly on duty.

The blend material on the day was somehow Oita, so I was conscious of long-distance casting,G-MAX 3kg, 2 bags of master long cast, 3 pieces of raw krill.Tsukee is PRO and Ami-zuke Kimi.

The tide is moving in a complicated wayIt feels like the tides are being created and disappearing repeatedly.

Finding a line that goes offshore, hitting Makie a few cups ahead of time, and putting in a gimmick.The tide is stronger than it looks, and by the time the gimmicks are completely familiar, it has flowed quite offshore.

After putting in the gimmick and twice when you are familiar with it,I will leave Makie behind and try to synchronize the gimmick with Makie.

If you repeat that routine several times,The floats that started to shimori were swiftly erased, and finally I got the first Gure of the day. It was about 35 cm.

It ’s a live well, and when I ’m doing various things,The expression of the sea has already changed.

I will continue to find the tide that seems to continue for a long time and let the gimmick flow,Atari often does not catch the needle.

Drop the needle to No. 3 and change the tsukee to mysidacea pickles.Atari appears clearly on the road thread, but it does not bite.

Cut the collected peeled meat by hand and divide it into 3 equal parts.I'll stick the two into the needle.If you run it in the same way with this, the thread will be hit again.Wait for about 2 seconds,When I stopped the thread, it was rugged and finally the needle was hooked.It was 35 cm againAbout the size of Gure.By sticking the torn Ami-zuke, it fits the needle and makes it easier to apply.

After that, while rotating TsukeeGet a total of 8 Gure by picking up the spots and Atari.

Most of the grayfish are belly breadSome had spilled white guys.

After returning home, I distributed it to my friends who were looking forward to Shirako.When I tried to judge my part, it was firmly in.

I had it with Shirako ponzu.It's a privilege of an angler.

I haven't given up yet, about once moreI would like to go to the cold gray.