Eating astringent fishing shun

食い渋りの釣り shun

Location: Koshiki Island (Okinoshima)
Date and time: January 1 (3: 5-13: XNUMX)
Tide: Spring tide (7:50 full to 13:46 dry)
Water temperature: 16 ℃

I went fishing to Koshiki Island at Choei Maru.
As it was the first fishing trip of this year, I tried hard enough to aim for double digits.But…

While it was still dark, the rocky shore that got off (Okinoshima)

Makie mainly uses G-MAX and adds Grezero to add long-distance castability and diffusivity.
Tsukee uses the new product, Iki-kun for PRO, M size.
It is soft and can approach more naturally than "close to krill for makie" and is effective for cold weather that is astringent to eat.
And since it is processed so that it does not come off easily, it can be cast long distances.

Start with a long tackle (Michiito No. 4, Harris No. 4, Onaga needle No. 7) with the aim of one shot until dawn.
This time, I put the bait I brought for the morning tail length (Sashiesa PRO's boil L size) into Tsukee and then into Makie, and it's a short game.
A fast tide flows through the waters of Okinoshima and Kogotaki, so the tide is pulled.It was fishing aiming there from beginning to end on this day.
It was hard to hit the tail length, and Kuta hit the person who was accompanying him at dawn, and the tail length time was over ...
I will also switch to a tackle for the mouthpiece (Michiito 1.75 Harris 1.75 Gure Needle 7) and play!
0 Attach Jintan No. 5 to the float of Shibu and pull it to adapt to the tide.
Hit when you enter about 3 Hiro! It is a 32 cm thick mouth get.

After this, I was able to add and remove Jintan and fix the float with Yohji repeatedly in order to stabilize the mechanism according to the change in the speed of the tide.
When the sun rises completely, the eating suddenly becomes astringent, and there is a bit of atari, but it doesn't take, and such a tough time continues.
So, if you replace Harris No. 1.5 Gure Needle No. 3 with Tsukee's head, tail, and shell, the float will slowly sink, and when you try to make a rod tip, it will be a strong attack!Unfortunately, Harris is out.However, the response is sufficient, and if Harris is replaced with No. 1.7 in the same way, it will be a hit again!
This time I exchanged carefully and got a 42 cm thick mouth.
After that, I added one, and as a result, I did not reach the initial goal of seven, but I enjoyed fishing that seems to be cold gray.After all, Tsukee played an active part.You can also do it
"Nama Iki-kun for PRO" is highly recommended.