Nagasaki Prefecture Iki Najima No. 1 grunt bomb fishing .. Shingo Takeshita

長崎県壱岐 名島1番イサキ爆釣    ..竹下 新悟
Departed from Hakata Nanotsu Port after 20:22 and went up before XNUMX:XNUMX.
Prepare the rod and gimmicks and start the actual fishing, from the first throw
I was able to catch the grunt I was aiming for!
After that, every throw will be in an irreparable state, and before sunrise, both coolers will be in an irreparable state.
It's full!
It was a fishing trip that made me realize the long-lasting effect of the Hirokyu fish collector!
Why don't you try aiming for a good grunt that is full of fat?

The compounded fish material used this time is ...
Wide range of diffusivity and long-lasting fish-collecting effect for krill raw 3 kg 3 horn and boil XNUMX kg XNUMX horn
1 bag of Super Blend Domination Gure,
1 bag of rocky shore SUPER floating and 2/1 of bread crumbs are mixed.
In addition, because it is a rain forecast, we have prepared White Power Plus garlic as a spare so that it can be adjusted.