Kuro Aso in Nagashima Strait and Toshima

長島海峡、戸島のクロ 麻生

Three consecutive holidays, February 2th on the middle day, to Ushibuka in Amakusa with three friends.The ferry isI'm Ishidaimaru, who is always indebted to me.

From around the end of February, Ushibuka has a lot of red sea bream.The cold glow marks the end of the season.This season, since the beginning of February, there are many parrotfish, and hedai is also mixed.The number of single shots of Kuro is increasing, and I can hear the voice saying, "If it's about time, it's over."

On the 12th, the striped beakfish Maru had a lot of customers around Ganse, and we ...To Toshima in the Nagashima Strait, which I usually do not go to. One person to Tateishi's nose in Toshima.Three of us are under the lighthouse.According to the captain, the cooler was full a while ago, so it's regrettable.I decided to try again.

With little information, the captain's "cooler full tank" (I don't know the size, but it's my first time to put out a rod in the field, relying only on the word ww).

Makie's blend on the day is 3 raw and basic G-MAX and master long cast, in addition to this, conscious of shallow Tana, Ikki float and Gure Z are mixed.first,Cut the krill raw into about half, and leave the rest as the prototype, then insert the master long cast and entangle it firmly.

After that, mix G-MAX, and then float it, and finally,Roughly mix the whitish Gure Z.

Tsukee thinks about the sympathy with this Makie,I will use the one that Iki-kun PRO is sprinkled with a master long-distance cast and carefully blended.Sometimes with an accent,PRO Use it as it is and rotate it.

Three people spread side by side in a low and long stream.I thought it was a torrent because it was the Nagashima Strait, but the tide was loose.However, due to strong winds and complicated tides,It is difficult to synchronize Tsukee and Makie.

Being aware of the flow of the bottom tide,We will finely adjust the insertion position of Makie's device.Master long-distance casting, which is the base agent, also serves as a link with krill.This formulation is invincible even in strong winds.

All three have wide soles, occasionally, from among the pops and leaves.It feels like 30 overs are mixed.

If you put it deep, it's always Bella.this is,It's the same story I heard from someone who went to Ushibuka last week.

This situation continued until this day, and the captain said "cooler full tank"I somehow understood the meaning of, but no, when the good tide came, a big bang should come.Tell yourself and keep fishing in strong winds.

I think it was around 14:XNUMX, but the direction of flow is the same,It was a time when I felt the strength of the bottom tide for a while, after the gimmick got used to it.The thread reacted with the pin when it was flowing with a slight tension.

I did it.Favorite Atari.It ’s a good model,When I put the tamo carefully, the needle came off with a momentary tsukkomi. .. ..

If you regain your mind and let it flow with the same pattern, it will be the same atari.

This time, let the air breathe firmly and carefully go to the tamo.When I measured it, it was 45 cm.

A little less than 40 came to my fishing friends, but the time was about 30 minutes.

After that, the leaves of the trees became a rod.

As a result, the soles of the feet are 5 UP. G-MAX +In the Ushibuka area where PRO meshes well with the golden blend of master long cast,I managed to get 40 keeper mixed with over 5I did!