Kinko Bay!autumn gure fishing shun

錦江湾!秋のグレ釣り shun

Location: Below the Sakurajima observatory (ground rock)
Date and time: April 10 (14: 8-00: 13)
Middle tide: Full 10: 10-Dry 16:00
Water temperature 25℃

This time, I went fishing to the ground below the "Sakurajima Observatory", a fishing spot where Sakurajima can be seen, aiming for the "autumn gray" that has begun to be active.
This is a convenient fishing spot about 10 minutes by car from Kagoshima city area and about 5 minutes on foot from the car to the fishing spot.
The field is shallow and has large rocks all over the place, and you can aim for a 40cm gap!
Even at high tide, the water depth is about one rod when cast far, and it becomes deeper as you go offshore.
On this day, the wind was strong from the northeast all day long, and a strong wind blew from the left to the right.

The fish-attracting material is mixed with "Grezero", which is strong for long-distance casting, and "Gre-Z", which can add quantity and unity.
For the bait, I use my standard “Namaiki-kun forpro L size”.
It is an excellent product that is easy to bite into with a raw feeling and can be cast long distances!

~ gimmick ~
Float: No. 0, Road thread: No. 1.7 to 1.5, Harris: No. 1.5, Needle: Gray needle No. 5

Start with no gun without stopping the float of No. 0.
The wood edge gray is highly active, and you can catch a gray of about 20 cm per throw.
Assuming that there is a small size in the center of the makie and a good model on the outside, put a device in the position removed from the makie and let it flow, the size will increase!Highly active and size up in quick succession! !
With this flow, I managed to get a 36 cm gray.
After that, the tide gets worse and it becomes difficult to eat.
I managed to add the keep size by trial and error.
Gure of Kinko Bay
It feels good and it's getting more active!
How about enjoying autumn fishing in preparation for the winter season?