“Kaveura” fishing line in Kinko Bay and Okiko Island .. Hayato Nakamura

錦江湾、沖小島の“カベウラ”釣行    ..東中村隼
June 6 (Sunday) Weather (Sunny)
To Okiko Island with club members at Tenryu Maru
From the captain, "I can catch the offing!"
However, I had him hand it over to "Kaveura" on Okiko Island, who really wanted to stand on the rocky shore.
Kabeura is a deep fishing spot, about 15m from your feet and about 2m from the tip of two rods.
Fishing ground suitable for bottoms
There is a large scale blackfish because it is deep! ??And inflate expectations

When I look into the sea, it's very muddy ... Is it okay?Making Makie while thinking
In order to increase the activity of the fish, "Gure Z" is blended with "Ikki Floating Gure" with the meaning of increasing the amount.

When you sprinkle Makie, a large amount of mini-coppagre will flock to the food that spreads nicely!
There is also horse mackerel!
I started fishing today even though I thought I would have a hard time.

After all, Koppa is a bait collector ... I'm trying to find it with that hand, but I can't catch a good model.
Always hit Makie in the foreground and throw it offshore without Makie, at the place where the gimmick entered near the bottom
Bring a gimmick to the front and wait for Atari.
This was the correct answer.The floats of all inductions are gradually shimori, and when combined, "Don"
Line break with a little interaction
Immediately change Harris from 1.5 to 1.7
Next time, follow the same procedure to get a hit and get a 32cm onaga!
It was a hit after that, and it was the best pull today, and it was quite heavy, but the needle of grief came off.
And it became a rod.
When I asked the captain about other fishing results on the way back, Okiho was a fisherman, with 47 cm at the top and about 7 pieces ...
I vowed to go to Okidai next time!Smile