Good-looking chinu & red sea bream get shun in Kinko Bay

錦江湾の良型チヌ&真鯛get shun
Location: Kagoshima North Pier Offshore Embankment (No. 3)
Date and time: April 6 (2: 6-00: 15)
Middle tide: Full 8: 00-Dry 14:50
Water temperature: 22 ℃

In search of good-looking chinu and red sea bream, I went fishing to No. 3 off the north pier in Kagoshima city.
This place is about 15m to 20m deep.
The No. 3 embankment, which is shaped like a sword, is close to the ground and you can see the sandy beach in front of it.
The wind was calm and it was easy to fish on that day, but I was troubled by a flock of mackerel ...

Makie blends "Conquer Madai" with Kirara ingredients in consideration of "Chinu Smoke Screen" Madai, which adds turbidity to the heavy "Bottom Attack Zudon".
High specific density, turbidity and glitter component improve fish collecting power!

"Raw Iki-kun for pro, L size" that emphasizes feeding is used for Tsukee, and "Sashiesa pro, Boil L size" is used for feeding measures.

First of all, I set up a fishing seat at the white lighthouse and decided to catch the tide coming into the harbor.
As for the gimmick, the all-induction gimmick of 00 float is stepped with a fishing line No. 1.7, Harris No. 2 is stepped with a G5 gun ball, and Gure needle No. 7 is used.I started fishing with the image of exploring the shelves of two or three rods in fishing where the float sinks when the mechanism becomes familiar.
When Makie starts to work, there is a flock of mackerel all around, and the situation that I can not do anything continues, but sometimes the sea bass is scattered.When I concentrated on exploring the depths, I finally got a rod pull!
What came up was a magnificent red sea bream over 40 cm.
I was able to add red sea bream in the same way, but I changed the mechanism with Chinu in mind.
In order to deliver Tsukee to the depths even faster, we will attach a float stop, add a gun ball, and change to forcibly sinking fishing.

Since you can catch mackerel every time, even if you boil the mackerel and eat the mackerel, if you are doing a neglecting strategy, you will find a rod pulling atari where there are about 3 rods!
Finally I was able to catch a black sea bream (47 cm).
Chinu ate the boil of Tsukee spit out by mackerel in the depths.
Bring the boil and you're right!

The place was moved along with the flow of the tide, and good-looking chinu hit continuously in the same way.
At the end of the game, let Sabako swim and get a sea bass!

For the first time, I tried blending "Conqueror red sea bream" with the fish collecting material for chinu, but in addition to the Kirara component, "shrimp, crab, squid" grains are mixed in and observe the sinking makie. Even though it was, it was outstandingly appealing.

Please try it! !!